Dear Nigerian,

Nigeria has failed in the areas of education, health, security and infrastructure because those saddled with planning for this either don’t use them or they just don't care.

Let me show you how we can make them care. Legally compel them to share in our pains and suffering.

Join me in advocating the passage of a law which simply states that political office holders, civil servants and owners/directors of businesses that require a Government license to operate such as banking, telecoms, broadcasting, oil and solid mineral mining, etc must send their children to Nigerian public schools up till first degree.

The bill also states that this category of persons and their families must only use public hospitals within Nigeria. They must not use generators and boreholes in their houses and they will travel for any official assignments within Nigeria by road only.

Finally they must not use armed escorts. Only the President and a few others are allowed the use of armed escorts.

The penalties for flouting any of the provisions of this bill include impeachment, jail time, revocation of licenses, amongst others. The provisions of this bill will lapse in sixteen years when it is expected that the Nigerian nation would have significantly improved
in the identified sectors.

Please endorse, make your input and share this bill widely. You can also follow all the activities around this proposed bill on all the social media handles shown on the screen.

Thank you.

God bless our country.

Dumebi Kachikwu

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This Bill seeks to encourage public officers and directors of specialized businesses to patronize public health hospitals and public schools for the healthcare and education of their children or ward with a view of ensuring that healthcare delivery and education services in the country receive proper attention for the benefit of all Nigerians and save foreign exchange earnings of the country. The Bill also seeks to encourage public officers to travel by road for official assignment outside their station in order to have a first-hand experience of the nature and decay of Nigerian roads with a view of addressing same. The Bill further seeks to encourage public officers to patronize public electricity distribution company and public water supply authority for their electricity and water supply to enable public officer have first-hand information on the state of decay in electricity and water sector and take necessary step to address the anomaly and or bring same to the notice and attention of his superior(s).

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Percy Erdman 11 months ago


Juliet Sauer one year ago


Chike Azoro one year ago

The law should hold indefinitely for all public employees including all political office holders but entrepreneurs should have their liberty to seek whatever anywhere. one year ago

We need this bill to come to pass.. I have shared it on my wall.. Let's do it together

Anyi one year ago

A wonderful idea

Abraham Onwe one year ago

The pain these chaps in power have really reaped us off I hope this bill sees the light of the day

Fortunate one year ago

I support this bill, please let's share it to others

Arhyel Wakawa one year ago

I support the bail

Sethanthony one year ago

A very good welcome idea if only it will come to fulfilment .

Ai one year ago


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