Percy Erdman 9 months ago


Juliet Sauer 9 months ago


Chike Azoro 9 months ago

The law should hold indefinitely for all public employees including all political office holders but entrepreneurs should have their liberty to seek whatever anywhere. 9 months ago

We need this bill to come to pass.. I have shared it on my wall.. Let's do it together

Anyi 9 months ago

A wonderful idea

Abraham Onwe 9 months ago

The pain these chaps in power have really reaped us off I hope this bill sees the light of the day

Fortunate 9 months ago

I support this bill, please let's share it to others

Arhyel Wakawa 9 months ago

I support the bail

Sethanthony 9 months ago

A very good welcome idea if only it will come to fulfilment .

Ai 9 months ago


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