Kelechi one year ago

Good initiative and thanks for kick starting this. However the only place I disagree with is that it should lapse in 16 years. Please why not indefinite? May be for owners of businesses category but for public office holders I see no reason why it should lapse.

Augustine one year ago

I support the bill well done

Muda B one year ago

I hope this bill will be passed and endorsed by the lawmakers. Even after endorsement, hopefully they'll comply and follow all the rules associated with it.

DENIS RAY OGOSI one year ago

Nigerians in diaspora are fighting these imposed oligarchs by signing lots of petition which has drawn the attention of international community in their various houses of parliament to adhere to recommendations proposed. Thanks to this Noble son of ours who has the backbone to come out boldly and strong with this singular initiative which when eventually signed will have a lasting impact on generations yet unborn. We have people in our nation with stars aligning in their favour whose daily mantra is Me Me Me.. spineless greedy dogs that would not think beyond their inconsequential self.. thanks Dumebi for this much needed move, be rest assured that this clarion call is in the hearts and minds of every single marginalised Nigerian except for the servant kings who are bleeding the nation dry.✊

Obiazi AUGUSTINE EMMANUEL one year ago

I love this move we go

Pearls Colors one year ago

This is a great idea for a good cause. I pray it pulls through and is not stalled. I'd like to call attention for an amendment:
The clauses which say "private schools within and outside Nigeria" should have "private schools within Nigeria & 'Public' and private schools outside of Nigeria.
Also what if such children and wards "earn" Foreign or local scholarships? How then will/can this clause apply or be effected? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Funmi one year ago

Very good development. They should feel what the masses are going through also.

Mohammed Obike one year ago

Long overdue. There is a Chinesse proverb that says “The best time planting a tree is years back, but the 2nd best is NOW”. We sincerely in support of this noble move and looking forward to better country. Thanks and keep it up.

Dozie one year ago

This seems the only way. Funny enough, it's simple. Let's do it!


It's hight time the government officials should stop squandering public funds rather makes judicious use of it for a better Nigerian because we believe in our nation and I know fully well that Nigeria will be great again.

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